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You should be able to get one of those for next to nothing.

He writes to his parents once a month.

We might even win.


Heinrich looked ill.


You must be worn out after working all day.

Kate has a cold.

Sam won't fail us.

I can't offer you anything in return.

I'm introverted.

Helge is afraid to leave his house.

The final plan differs greatly from the original one.

Johnnie and Archie had an argument.

He succeeded in having his own way.

I thought I might not be supposed to sit down.

I don't want to say that to my friend.


They tore off their clothes.

Scientific research is not a mechanical routine, but a continuing struggle on the part of the scientist.

There is nothing to do today.


I need to sleep now.

If he hadn't been injured, he might have won.

He had promised to stay out of politics.

Jean-Christophe found a new way to announce his news.

He's an awful busybody.


The arrow pierced the thick board.

Would you like me to go in and talk to Wolfgang for you?

Ti promised that he wouldn't say anything.


We are back in school again after the holidays are over.

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I became a member of the club in 1980.

We can file charges against Cory.

He is studying English in school but he thinks it's too difficult.

I don't get around as well as I used to.

Philadelphia's nickname, "the City of Brotherly Love," is simply a translation from the Greek roots of the city's name.


That was one of our problems.


Don said that he and Sheila can't come to our party.

Who's your favorite singer-songwriter?

The foreign woman does not have an Italian name.

Our hero claims a warrior's heart.

Why are you looking for a job?

Let me not be wronged.

The first 'that time of the month' I seem to remember worrying that I was ill, without telling anybody, for two days.


The rabbi is on his way.


It's worth going to Bali because you can see the amazing sunset.

We often play tennis together.

You went to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning? No wonder you look sleepy today.

I would like to insure this package.

Why are you lying to them?

Ah, this is the life!

Have you run into this kind of problem before?

She has to look after her mother.

I'll come see you later.

Nothing is free.

I never harmed him.

She seems to have slept badly last night.

It was disgusting.

We have a houseful of guests.

This child believes that the earth is flat.


This book is green.

Kylo didn't go into the room right away.

It isn't possible to clear the snow from every road.


The most important feature of all games is that they are governed by rules.

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My brother looks a lot like me.

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I'd like you to assist them.


I will get up before the day is breaking.

The presidential election is not a beauty contest.

Huashi didn't let me answer Myrick's question.

I wonder why Jan is so excited.

My favourite biscuit is Singoalla.

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Much to my surprise, Sigurd disregarded my request.

What were they drinking?

Do you have a picture of us?

We knew Max would win.

Vicky is in shock.

Anthony gets on well with all his neighbors.

He was burning with his anger.

I didn't find anything suspicious in that.

Kevin is a very strong-willed woman.

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I like tulips.


I was sick.

This toy is almost indestructible.

I met my girlfriend five years ago.

They were for the most part high school students.

Vince isn't the only one I called.

Do you have a license to operate a motor boat?

I gave my brother a dictionary.

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He is not an American, but he loves America.


Vladimir sat on the stairs.

Laurel didn't quite know what Jeany meant.

Guillermo obviously feels very passionate about this.

Heinrich is very untrustworthy.

Snow indicates the coming of winter.

Becky is likely to tell you some things that aren't true.

They can stop hoping as long they don't manage to force the company to accept necessary concession.

And what if I say "no"?

She studied Chinese in order to translate her books into this language.

The statue expresses freedom.

He'll be along in ten minutes.

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I don't feel like participating in this discussion.

Tuan stopped to take a close look at the car.

He saw the accident on his way to school.

Why are you all still awake?


They fed a black and a white dog.

Randy will never do it again.

A red ball is mixed in with the white ones.

Wolfgang put his hand over his mouth.

Japan's trade surplus soared to a record high.

He leads a happy life in his hometown.

This is something I have to do.

You plugged the SATA cable to a different slot.

Is it true you're moving to Boston?

My mother says that the child's illnesses are phony.

Pierette goes to the market if and only if Phil goes to the market.

It's too bad she can't come to the party.

The sun was coming up then.

Sridhar has done it enough times.

We're almost out of fuel.


You must keep this plan a secret as there may be some changes yet.

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Valentin didn't approve of his daughter seeing a married man.

I think Manolis doesn't like it here.

Jesus certainly looks like he's rich.

They're busy repairing that now.

Why don't you go to your room, Dani?

The pharmacy isn't far from the hospital.

I've told you not to call me Allan.

Miyoko carried a torch so long, I think it gave her heartburn.

I believe that he was angry.

The temperature will be pretty high today.

Life is short, but it's long enough.


Who was there?

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Did you see something?

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I want this puppy.

It's a good thing you're insured.

I've been trying to track you down all morning.

I'm not a spy.

I found myself back in my room.

I can't be manipulated.

You've been a great help already.

Did you ask him to stop?

Do you like looking at yourself in the mirror?

I wish you the very best of luck.

We scaled up Mount Fuji last year.

I had no idea what was in that room until recently.

If you were in my place, what would you do?

The main character dies at the end of the book.

Vassos is a native French speaker.

The manager of the team quit suddenly.

Gigi is young and idealistic.


We could pretend like this never happened.


There were strange guys at the bank this morning.


My mother really loves tea.

Nate was just starting to trust Jean-Christophe.

Sir started it.


We do not need a new auxiliary language, the English language already fulfills that role.

His absence yesterday was due to his cold.

I will help you.

I wrote some poems last weekend.

Tidy up a bit and we'll go to the movies.

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What would you tell her to do?


The flu prevented him from playing golf.

Love your neighbor.

Can I come tomorrow, too?

What's New Zealand like? Is it as sparsely populated as Australia?

I used to coach football.

I do not believe in libertarianism.

John has a car from Japan.


The childminder cares for between one and three children.