Vick wore fake glasses.

Marion did it for no particular reason.


When John's neighbor saw John selling drugs, she blew the whistle on him.

It's one of the most exclusive addresses in the city.

This is going to be exciting.

After you get to the traffic lights, turn right.

What were you celebrating?

Don't make such a sour face.

A flattering friend is your worst enemy.

What subjects do you like the best?

When Harris described me the look of Jaime, he "left out" the fact that she is very very fat!


Give them a second chance.

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"Why didn't you tell us?" "You didn't ask."

I will go out if he comes here.

If I were you, I'd study harder.

We must separate politics from religion.

I shed a tear when I saw the tear in my dress.

I sat down to translate the sentence shown on the main page to my native language, and half an hour and two dozen sentences later I had to convince myself to stop.

You don't have to do this for me.


We're so grateful.

I would have bought this watch if it wasn't this expensive.

Paul is teaching a class right now.

He has a crush on the girl next door.

Kathy got up to help Spyros.


Do you have a girlfriend right now?

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I fantasize about a life that doesn't so closely resemble hell.

Sadly, Arne doesn't read books.

Why don't you answer my message?


Bradley handed Tanya a beer.


Regrettably, we aren't familiar with the rest of her works.

I don't want to argue with you about this.

Do people ever accuse you of being rude?

This reviewer will also ever pray in the interest of the English language that the word "cute" be banished from the pages of serious literature.

She's attracted to Asian men.

Goro was kind enough to take me to the hospital.

We study French at school.


Blair has been looking for you.

You seem to want to take all the credit.

Coming events cast their shadows before them.

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The conference offered us the opportunity to reconnect with associates of different countries.

I haven't been myself lately.

I thought Knut would drop by and say hello.

Give it to me now.

I would enjoy that.

Whenever I hear that song, I think of a certain girl.

I'm surprised you're still here.

What's your favorite tongue twister?

We shouldn't trust them.

She can't get about much. She is in her eighties.

You can shut up now.

Uri Avnery founded the Gush Shalom movement in 1993.

Don't let Eric go.

We're going to be out of here soon.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was murdered.


I love him more than any of the other boys.

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They'll stay with me.

Lui didn't mention that he'd met Elias.

The library is eighty years old.

What do you see in her?

To my disappointment, he had already started.


That's not even funny.

I need to know more about her.

I asked Nora if he understood.

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to procure the largest quantity of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing.

They found him, didn't they?

Everybody seems to pay attention to what he says.

Five plus two equals seven.

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Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a showcase for arts and culture.


It's not as crazy as it sounds.

You are under oath.

Kristin wanted to marry a man with ambition.

I don't see why Mitch wouldn't want to do that.

Thanks for the fruit.


Is there something wrong with Blaine?

These are both called "future volitional" and include the intent of the subject.

Surrender to the enemy.

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Slow down.


The prime means of communication for cats is body language.

Ed asked me where I had bought my hiking boots.

Why were you frightened?

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What is the second largest country in the world?

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Do you understand what the problem is?

I don't want Anita to go to jail.

All the nurses of this hospital are very kind.

What are some things I can do to improve my French?

I thought you might like to see some of Shyam's paintings.

My grandmother looks after the children during the daytime.

The sunglasses cost twenty euros.

There was a bottle of wine left.

Why didn't you help Peter escape?

It's very sad indeed.

Sangho didn't help Jitendra as much as he should've.

What's your darkest secret?

Art seems to be pretty rich.


His car spun out of control going around the curve.

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It would be a shame to let all this food go to waste.


I was hoping we wouldn't have to go.

We are so happy.

I have read "David Copperfield."

Melinda is taking pictures.

They already know it.

The level of the river rose little by little.

Who is familiar with a book consisting of one page only?

I will buy you a new word processor.

We're probably wrong.


Mah will be here soon enough.

I'm still worried.

I suppose him to be honest.

Alfred is heating up a piece of yesterday's pizza in the microwave.

Fashion is not my specialty.


I don't speak French very much.

There was nothing Cathrin could've done to prevent the accident.

My mother is an early riser.

"So it's built from stone?" "It's ordinary reinforced concrete."

You're the only one who thinks that's true.

They won't help us.

A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

I'm going to go use the restroom.

Doesn't that smell good?

We still have the same problem.

I'll be waiting right outside.

I'm not going to turn him in.

Why don't you try asking Lar for advice?

The dog followed its master, wagging its tail.

Everybody expected the musical to be a great hit, but it was far from being a success.

Grit in a sensitive instrument, or a crack in one of his own high-power lenses, would not be more disturbing than a strong emotion in a nature such as his.

A white coin is for a black day.

Sherri lost his sunglasses.

He emigrated at the age of twenty.

Daily exercise is effective in overcoming obesity.

Both Barry and Maria are award-winning journalists.

I went tanning for 2 months straight every day before graduation and that was as dark as I could get.

Slovakia is called "Slovensko" in Slovak.


I have an errand for Spy to run.

I'll remember you forever.

Why don't you write it in Berber?

I'd like to speak with Jinchao.

Big changes are coming.

I don't want to be his friend.

Jurevis is the guy talking to Saify.

We've been dating three years.

I know everything about him.


That's a stupid policy.

I wanted to make sure you were here.

The election gave the party a role in the government.


Stop it. You're being ridiculous.

I'm saving money for a car.

That's just the way he is.

Can you pay off your loans in a year?

He delegated his authority to his competent assistant.

I was walking in the park with a friend of mine when it started raining.

I so want to take you with me to the sea on Saturday.

I get the feeling something's not right here.

"By the way, do you know what a Shinto shrine is?" "I've a little bit of knowledge on the subject. It's a religious facility where that which is the object of worship, that called the genius loci, is enshrined."

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She is at church right now.

Double-check your answers.

I think we should really consider Greg's proposal.

Spyros certainly fooled Shean.

The police used coercive techniques when questioning suspects.

They won the match again.

She is recognized as the best figure-skater in the country.

Dorothy wears a wig.

Tait sorrowfully buried her father.

Nobody can clearly see the situation.

Pierette slept on an inflatable mattress.

I have almost no money with me.

The sight of the ruins brought home to him the meaning of war.

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Charley heard some shots.


We majored in literature at the university.