I want you all to be very careful.

Mark and his friends built a snow fort.


I couldn't understand her accent.

Leith gave Jared a big hug and a kiss.

Amigo always asks for Damon's opinion.

It's not going to work out.

He never forgave me for it.


Are you sure you're not hungry?


The room is very cold. The fire has gone out.

The child was crying for her mother.

I have a letter from you.

Please bill us separately.

I can't see the stage from this seat.

Rodent walked Kate home.

Don't be offended.

I guess Grant didn't want you to know the truth.

Rajeev was full of remorse after stealing Lorraine's car and writing it off.

Surya doesn't want to wait for anything.

Does Wilson really love me?

What person does everyone take off his hat to?

I don't like pineapple. It smells pretty sour.

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I'd be much obliged if you could give me a lift into town.

Who owns the Internet?

You should be thanking me.


Look at what Revised is doing.

So, Betty, have you decided on your dream home yet?

A guest at an inopportune time is a heavy burden.


This incident is quite uncanny.

Did you go to Cairo or Alexandria?

Giovanni opened the cabinet.

After the mercurial and embattled state governor left a profanity-laced message on a legislator's telephone answering machine, he tried to explain himself: "I was so angry that I couldn't breathe."

It took me several hours to wash it.

We plan to stay a week.

This decision is not binding on all of you.

It is impossible to finish the report in a week.

Let's see you do better than that.

When was Jisheng hired?

No one is expendable.


Before you go out remember to check the gas is turned off.

Don't get involved with that guy. I'm worried that he might cheat you.

Bart can't be that naive.

What a sad movie it was!

He likes sports as well as study.

Billie asked me if I would like to drive.

Go over there.

I won't pay 40 dollars for just one book.

This is a good paper.

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A white coin is for a black day.

She's only a shell of her former self.

What do you think I told him?

A child should not get more spending money than is necessary.

Why is it nobody understands me and everybody likes me?

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Huey laughed at Brender.

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Nothing will happen to Anthony.

Choose such friends as will benefit you.

I've never woken up this early.

Spread love with muddy hands.

Either he or I have to attend the convention.

How's that going for you?

In the past the world was thought to be flat.

He can't afford to retire.

This news report created a lot of confusion.

They had to start from scratch.

And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.

They give each other presents.

I told Sundaresan I'd talk to Brent about what happened.

Millions of people starve to death every year.

Did it ever occur to you that I might want to stay in Boston for a few more days?

The rise and fall of the sea is governed by the motion of the moon.

Bradley put a great team together.

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He gave me a golden luxury watch.

She makes sure that her family eats a balanced diet.

Did you tell Sofia to take out the garbage?

I want to spend more time alone with you.

PHP is a web programming language.


Would you like a glass of orange juice with your breakfast?

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I have to do it now.


My God, she has really bad breath.

It's hard to believe that Tricia could murder someone.

Thomas is her own worst enemy.

I really do like it.

In my opinion, you're wrong.

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The lock doesn't catch.


Bea does get around, doesn't he?

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Are we leaving now?


Somebody has to be here for Rogue.

Copernicus felt that Ptolomy's theory was incorrect. Sometime between 1507 and 1515, he first circulated the principles of his heliocentric or Sun-centered astronomy.

Not wanting is the same as having.


Does John want to see a Korean movie?

I had to hide.

Recently, the dignity and importance of the Japanese father has diminished.

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She must've been beautiful when she was young.


I will show you how to solve it.

Ginger is very useful in the winter period.

Jacobson likes to eat pineapple in the morning.

I'm sure that he is clever.

When it comes to houses, Ike prefers Victorians over colonials.

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This is not a coincidence.


He dared ignore my advice.

There have been a lot of complaints about your behavior.

Just don't tell anyone, OK?

Rupert is at the general assembly.

Could you suggest an alternative date?

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Do you want to make me happy?


Eat it!

We'll meet her at the gate.

I'm in India.

The whole room went silent as the timer counted down the final minutes.

Someone should set those boys straight.

Tahsin doesn't eat meat.

The typhoon moved in a westerly direction.


You have to see this movie.

Oats have long been food for horses and mules.

He's afraid of telling his parents that he's homosexual.


I want to talk to you for a minute about Leonard.

I've been up almost all night.

She thanked him for all his help.

Get up early.

I've never trusted strangers.

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Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.


Would you please show me how it's done?

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You spend a lot of time on the phone.

I'm going to my sister's.

I wasn't able to stay until the end of the movie.

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Don't believe all the stories he's put about.


He is as kind as ever.

The whistle of the steam train woke us at daybreak.

Did you watch this evening's news?


Ted is the second pitcher on the baseball team.

An exclusively behavioral approach to psychology ignores family problems, school situations, and a host of other issues that can adversely affect a child's emotional and psychological growth.

Pam came home pretty late last night.

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He cried in admiration of her performance.

I'm sort of an extrovert.

This doctor is a man of culture.

Marcel isn't going to let Caleb get to him.

He is not aggressive enough to succeed in business.

You can't tell me who I can or can't talk to.

Now wait a minute.

Excuse me, ladies!

Kayvan speaks French really well.

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Lidia still hasn't looked at her mail.

This is the first time I've ever treated a wounded person.

I have courage and a strong will.


I definitely won't do that again.

I'm sorry, but you've got to go.

You need to get up.

The sound of children playing was borne on the wind.

Ask Laurel if he'll attend the meeting.

Kathryn was surprised and embarrassed.

Hello, I'm Lucifer. I run things around here.

If only I had asked for your advice.

I don't think I'll go to college.

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Nothing in excess.

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Jakob doesn't seem very focussed at the moment.


I've been pretty fortunate.

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Keiichi, the tempura's done, so bring a plate.

Let me tell her.

In the polls, both parties are on par.

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I did surprise him.