Harris can't use that.

What is the scale of this map?

Thank you for giving me something to eat. I was really hungry.

I watched her closely.

She could pass for twenty.

She understood a sentence.


They were talking business.

At least we'll be safe here.

They had no idea what to expect.


Voters are taking out their frustrations at the polls.

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I'm getting really tired.

Frances is very easygoing.

When Donn visited Sidney unannounced, she opened the door with no makeup on and her hair in rollers.

Why isn't your sister good?

Your hair looks so nice.

Don't take it amiss if I criticize your work.

Please come home sometimes.


Glenn is lying about more than that.

Was that good or bad?

If you use the quit command noted below, you can make the application exit.


He addressed the crowd gravely.

Was that all you said to them?

I recognize him, but I don't remember his name.

I'm acquainted with Lucifer.

The old belief is still widely current.


I would never have guessed that Tharen and Debi would fall in love with each other.

Give me the car keys.

That's a nice tie you're wearing.

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You're in violation of the restraining order.

The Church taught that the Sun and all the planets revolved around Earth.

Were there any stars in the sky?

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You weren't serious, were you?

Margot bought himself a sport car.

Please help them.

Money is not a criterion of success.

To be precise, I drank red wine.

The students range in age from 18 to 25.

Unfortunately, we couldn't make realize much of what was planned.

I want details.

Mike takes after his father in everything.

He nods and shakes the spheres.

Is it over?

Now you see why I didn't tell you before.

He prepared for his death.

Harvey is opening the window.

I met him by chance at the airport yesterday.

Izumi looks determined.

She wasn't sick.

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Are you really confused about when to start?

He was kind enough to let me borrow it.

Let's have another beer.

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In fact, he has never been to New York.

Please, give me the biggest pineapple.

Hold still or you'll be shot.

Leif got here last night.

She was sure that she had found the love of her life.

The communication of news by TV and radio is very common now.

Air is a mixture of gases that we cannot see.

Sherman has confessed.

I'd like a soda.


Eliot couldn't help falling asleep.

No matter what you say, Japanese Anglicisms are Japanese.

I never saw the like of it before.


We suffered from a great many troubles.

I'm scared to talk to him.

Many of the workers had missing fingers.

He was seeking to do well at school.

Suzanne plays the guitar well.

Aren't there any qualified applicants?

Don't underestimate your opponents.

If you don't want to be alone, I can keep you company.

He seems like quite a find.

Meeks is probably listening to us right now.

May I have a shilling, sir?

One day our children will take over our paddy planting.

Saiid spoke impolitely.

All things considered, we can not say that it is wrong.

Who did you go with?

Do they have money?

Norma and Ed rearranged the furniture in their living room.

After she had weaned Lo-ruhamah she became pregnant and gave birth to a son.

You owe me.


Dan needed money and sought financial relief from his father.


The meaning of the 'dollar peg' is "stick with the strong countries."

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I guess you won't be eating with us.

Kenn can speak both French and English very well.

Pria looked up at Charley.

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Gerald did a nice job there.

Eating always carries the risk of getting sick from the food.

Do you want me to call an ambulance?

It smells bad in here.

Wood burns.


So far he has done very well at school.

I met her on Friday the 13th.

You probably think this is stupid.

She looks young, but she's actually older than you are.

It was still night.

We still have unfinished business.

She needed the entire afternoon for that job.

Why are guys so stupid?

Fay seems to have disappeared.

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I'm tying up some loose ends.

It's hard to stop smoking.

Summer is slow in coming this year.

Why did you arrive in Japan?

I found her pictures in your drawer.

I'm getting curious.

We're being conned.


It is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.

He quickly confessed everything.

Phill dictated a letter to his secretary.

I was like that when I was younger.

The earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours.


The couple is talking.

Mott's roommate often leaves dirty dishes in the sink.

How many months have you been pregnant?

"Now," said Mr. Wood.

It doesn't sound very exciting.

We still have some unfinished business.

Please don't tell anybody.

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For better or worse, there is nothing to do but to leave the matter in his hands.

I believe him an American.

Would it be worth it?

Sam has a fish store.

Danny also speaks French.


Be realistic.


Barsoom was the biggest Martian town. It had the fanciest saloon. It was the Wild, Wild Red.

You looked dangerous.

I have exhausted my energy.

She hates Facebook.

She sorted the files in alphabetical order.

Conrad's ordeal was far from over.

She waved her hand until the train was out of sight.

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I had dinner with a friend last night.

Donna plays chess better than me.

I wrote down that telephone number.

Just ask them to give it back.

The value of his discovery was not realized until after his death.

It's a Cuban cigar.

Maria didn't get there in time.

They were tortured.

You should've come.

Do you really believe there's a connection?

Briggs doesn't blame us.

Debi turned on the kitchen faucet.

She was injured in the traffic accident.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I thought so!

Kristian had a rich uncle who left him a lot of money.

You slapped me.

Does Jerome want to see me now?

I want you to try this.

The interactions are governed by rules.

It just doesn't matter.

I approve of everything that he says.

Not all the houses around here were burned down in the fire.


I want him fired.

Can you forget your native language?

My shoes have holes in them.

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He laughed.


I pretended to be friends with her.

Thank you very much for everything while working for the Osaka branch.

There's no way that could happen.


I always enjoy being with you.

Connie told Jamie he thought she'd already drunk enough.

I feel wonderful.


One more time, please.


We're all going to do a good job.

She looks amazing tonight.

What? Are you alone? I thought you were coming with Dominic.