He buys and sells leather goods.

Jef started grinning.

Our house's roof is on fire!

I spent the holidays decorating the house.

Nou wondered whether he should let Soohong go to Boston with him.


I will write him a civil answer.

Hank will follow you.

Virtue and vice.

No one can transcend their own individuality.

Factory waste has polluted the sea.

From now on, I want a hot cup of coffee on my desk when I arrive at the office.

Swamy may do whatever he likes.


I cannot do without a dictionary.

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Mayuko failed to see Meg.


Give me a minute, OK?

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Emil knotted the rope securely.


How does she bring up her children?

You need to help me do this.

I ran into a friend while walking in Ginza.


They hit it off from the beginning and have been together for two decades now.

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May I introduce you to Dr. Johnson?

He had to call on all his experience to carry out the plan.

Alan certainly isn't as popular as he used to be.


I have nothing to eat.

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I thought a lot about what Jakob said.


What's the big deal about checking my email every 15 minutes?

Mr Johnson is a lawyer. He will be having three clients this afternoon.

I'm not talking to you.


Prices for land in Tokyo now are an arm and a leg for even the smallest place.

He didn't know Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

Do you have a better idea?

They killed Hsi as an example to the other prisoners.

I assumed that was the reason you called me.

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That made all the difference.

Is that what happened to you?

Let's have a ten-minute break.

I will never forgive you.

I have really funny friends.

She has no less than seven sons.

I'm sorry you were frustrated with me. I won't let that happen again.

Why weren't you at school today?

Sure, but let's eat dinner first.

Are your parents coming to pick you up?

You understand German, right?

The maid came in bearing a cake.

She outsmarted me.

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I absented myself from the meeting.


We're in an open war.

Blaine walked through the village.

He can't be hungry. He's just had lunch.

We haven't laid off any employees yet.

I will perform my duties with pleasure.

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You're fair.

You warned us.

We'll be up late tonight.

They are loyal to their master.

I can't write with this dull pencil.


You don't deserve to be spoken to.

I was very happy for Avery.

Tanaka tells me you've been to Boston.

He acted like he owned the place.

They would run.

The Unit for Law and the Environment advances environmental protection through legislation and policy avenues.

He made me go against my will.

He put on his coat and left the house.

Don't you want to know what this is all about?

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Luke has the toughest job here.

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I'd better see him.

I'll be staying here for three months.

Let's take a survey.

Please enjoy yourself at the dance.

This shouldn't be this hard.

Let's say you're right.

You warned me, but I didn't listen.

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He really wants to buy a new motorcycle.


I was amazed at his carelessness.

I'm sure it's a good one.

This sentence needs to be checked.

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are all cultivars of the same species.

Paul got a brochure on budget getaways to plan a holiday for himself and Cecilia.

God is nature. Don't go against nature.

I don't have a house anymore.

Would you just leave me alone?

She broke the world record.

Dominick doesn't like songs with crude lyrics.

I want to teach history when I grow up.

We haven't been able to find out much else.

We want to see them.

I'm here because I think I can help you.

Harry wanted to ask a question, but he didn't.

Josh is rather hard to please.

He works at a bank.

Isaac gives me a lot of advice.

I don't have a mortgage.

It is because light travels faster than sound that we see lightning before we hear thunder.

He makes most, if not all, of the important decisions for his company.


We think it was them.

The stew smells delicious.

What did you think would happen?

The homeless sought shelter from a shower.

Rafik told me it was an emergency.

Everyone should've listened.

Was that the girl who talked to you?


I forgot that Helen used to live in Boston.


Am I a boy or a girl? Who cares?

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Rolf's constant complaining annoys me.

We use a calculator to do our accounts.

She doesn't know what to talk with him about.


They won't be cold.


I'm the one who dreamed about Panos.

They will consider this.

This ice is too thin to bear your weight.

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What are you sorry for?

I didn't think we were going to make it.

The glass is dirty.

A tooth can be replaced with an implant.

Harry told his commanding officer that he wasn't willing to kill anyone..

I have to publish my book.

The soldiers have erected a peace monument.

That text is open-minded.

I thought Ben might need some time off.

This is the house Earle grew up in.

Barry doesn't seem very satisfied.

The problem was being discussed by the committee.

Sonny is one of my neighbors.

We have no quarrel with you.

Are you sure you pressed the last button?

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I don't like being single.


Alberto wondered why there was a dog in his house.


Speaking in some languages sounds like playing.

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Lynnette made rice.

Naoto didn't need to tell me that. I already knew that.

Sir spent three days in jail.

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Ninja is used to dealing with this kind of problem.

Gale doesn't feel that he can trust Panzer.

Who are you supposed to be?

I don't intend to be selfish.

I've had it up to here with those kids.

Kent still seems concerned.

Let's play cards instead.

He never saw his mother again.

You have only to watch what I do.


You do not have to do it now.


I'll be back.

They opened the door.

They found him guilty.

Let me talk to them alone.

I told her to make the deal.

Marie just needs a little rest.

Have you ever been in a helicopter?

It was a one-sided love affair.

You would've liked it.

I wonder if anybody knows where Wendy is.

I told you it would work.


Which is better, red thread or white thread?

He is on another phone at the moment.

The third brake light went from being prohibited to being required.

The next artist is amazing.

Is there something in particular that you want to watch?

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I'm a senior high school student.

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There's no need to speak so loudly.