You are smarter than that.


Henry bent down and looked under the bed.

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I don't have time to help him.

I can't stand it any longer. Turn that music off. It's driving me crazy.

His misfortune gained him sympathy.

We can't go right now.

The man fell in love at first sight.

Your boundaries don't confine me.

A lot of people live for the future, not for the present.

Some things are personal.

You can convince people of only their own opinions.

To begin with, you must know yourself.

I wanted to warn her.

We'll be jealous.

I'm fed up with this winter, I want spring right now!

Gypsy does whatever we tell him to do.

He called out for help.

What're you doing in Boston?

I want to tell you the truth.

Can you please tell me what's happening?

Kevyn knows what you're thinking.

This country has become a plutocracy.

When was the last time you slept?

What do big boys do when they come into a room, Johnny?

I wish I had eaten at that restaurant before it burned down.

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I paid double the sum.

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My maths professor suffers from insomnia.


The customer did not come.

Do you know the lyrics to this song?

You only have to ask for it.

Antony thought Leigh would die an old maid.

You've frightened her.


Mosur made a wish.

They prefer a window seat.

Your half is gone.


I thought it was strange that James didn't say anything about that.

You won't get anywhere by talking with a disturbed individual like that.

I am reading the book.

Do you want me to try talking to Stacy?

God could not be everywhere, therefore he created mothers.

Sometimes, we don't know if we are in love.

I'm not going to make it on time.

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From now on, we'll have to spend less money.

Whenever Beth's parents have guests, she wants to join their adult talk.

You should have come to us.


I hope you find Stagger.

I worked as a waiter for three years.

They welcomed me warmly, so I felt at home.


I want to know what the cause of the accident was.

Tarmi can sing some French songs.

Food is running low.


What crisis? I feel comfortable.

It's incredible that you could write such a well-designed program after just picking up programming by imitation.

I don't remember how I fixed it.

I told Adam to relax.

A tall man with a sallow complexion walked into the room and sat down next to Stephanie.

Let's ask the teacher.

Spy had something to do with what happened.

I'm only a customer.

In detail, I'm considering the meaning of the command "exist somewhat".


She works for French intelligence.

Johnathan pulled the fire alarm.

I'll show you later.

Do you remember when Gideon's birthday is?

We couldn't keep up with the rest of the group.

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Terrence seems pleased.


Detachment provides perspective, which in turn permits a certain amount of pattern recognition.

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Tim is sleeping on the couch in the living room.


I want to sleep a little longer.


They're bluffing.

It's not exactly rocket science.

I reached out and touched Pratap's hand.


I coughed up blood.

Why don't you just give up?

Lynnette didn't seem to understand anything.


Tuan washed the car this morning.


I never see this picture without thinking of my young days.

He had no house to live in.

I like math best.

I am in full accord with your viewpoint.

I wonder if Clay is having fun.

Don't you ever wonder why?

Here is a song from the first album.


Saving lives feels great.


Europe is more dangerous than I thought.

Don't misunderstand me.

Trying is an active boy.

My life is hollow without him.

Lila has a daughter who's married to an Australian.

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If you're not motivated, go back home. You'll just be a hindrance.

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Is Lui finished eating?


I know you worry about him.

They talk a lot to one another, over the telephone and in person.

We're ready for whatever might come.

You hold my fate in your hands.

The vampire sprang back to life.


Will you help us now?


Lin washed the car this morning.

Say no to hatred and violence.

I'm going to go sell my car this afternoon.

Don forgot who said it.

You don't know what Esperanto is?

I was so frustrated.

Julie hasn't changed.

Hon is here to see you.

Maybe I'm in love with Dirk.


Sonny seems moody.

What's happening here at 2:30?

What's different from Japan is that the doctors of Singapore generally all know each other.

Lance got very angry at Sherri.

And soon after I procured Xenophon's Memorable Things of Socrates, in which there are many instances of the same method.

Toby stared back at Konstantinos.

Kelvin wants to see his son.

The president remained in bed.

The romance about outer space still lives in a few of us.

Maybe we should sit together.

Leslie asked Susanne if he could borrow her bicycle.

He is as excellent an artist as ever lived.

His idea wasn't usable.

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Stay on this side of the yellow line.


That doesn't bother me at all.

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The company continued to grow.


Lea and I go back a long way.

The old book was moldy.

Things change very slowly here.

Two can play at that game.

You'll just laugh.


People pursue more freedom and equality.

In the distance could be heard voices, the slamming of shutters, and the barking of dogs.

She's a meth addict.

I haven't been much of a friend, have I?

People are a bit friendlier in Boston.

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Sofia eats too much.

Most houses were destroyed to pieces.

Everything's about to change.

Dogs are man's closest friends.

She eats nothing other than fruit.

Bob helped me.

This is just for you.


I married her.

Joyce taught Alejandro how to swim.

I enjoy walks and talks on the beach.


How did you find the time to do this?


I've always been a romantic at heart.

Tad took the rattle from the baby.

The time will come when she will repent of it.

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I don't think I can answer that.

I didn't add this sentence.

Excuse me. What time is it?


I think Lance might be sick.


Dan noticed that there were cops all around him at the petrol station.


I've made a big mistake.

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Silence can be misinterpreted, but never misquoted.


They communicated with the Western countries.

Geoff sat in a chair next to Brenda's bed, watching her sleep.

I tried to make myself understood, but in vain.